Covid tips for students

For more back to school tips and guidelines, please see the CDC recommendations here

Ever visited a college website and felt overwhelmed by the wealth of information? A customized school profile provides you with a brief description of the school, general and program admission requirements, and more - the basics you need to know to make an informed decision. **AUTOMATIC DISCOUNTS APPLIED WHEN YOU PURCHASE MULTIPLE PROFILES!**

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Curious how the federal financial aid process works? Why should you apply? We can provide a thorough explanation, provide submission deadlines, and assistance with submitting online. We will also interpret your SAR (Student Aid Report) and award package.

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Financial aid is more than the FAFSA®. Complete our comprehensive form to discover scholarship opportunities as unique as you are. Full description of the scholarship, contact information, and deadlines are included. With over 100 resources, you are sure to find something!

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Why Choose Smart à la Carte?

College research can be an intimidating experience for students and parents alike. Some people know exactly where they want to attend, but do they offer your major? Or, do you know what you want to study, but don’t know which school to choose? We can help.

We compile the necessary benchmarks into a customized profile. If you're interested in financial aid, we can help you distinguish the difference between applying for federal aid and scholarships.

Most higher education businesses specialize in college-prep tutoring, ACT® or SAT® practice, workshops, etc. What about the actual search for a school? Smart à la Carte is an unbiased liaison representing your community college and university research needs, saving you time, phone calls, and potential frustration.

No packages are offered, empowering you to purchase only services you need (hence, "à la carte"). This offers flexibility to take advantage of services when you are ready to shape your future.

Smart à la Carte. College planning from the start!

I’ve Been Accepted! Can You Still Help Me Prepare For College?

You have applied and been accepted; congratulations! What’s next? Plenty! Learn about enrollment and deposit deadlines, registration for classes, housing options, meal plans, parking permits, and so much more!