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Evonne Avalos, Director of Operations

With over 25 years of higher education experience, Smart à la Carte has identified crucial gaps in communication between potential students, parents, and higher education institutions. When these disparities are not acknowledged, they can result in potentially costly mistakes that might result in delaying a college career or worse.

Smart à la Carte bridges these gaps by providing you with the tools required to navigate the admission, enrollment, and financial aid processes. As a former executive assistant from Los Angeles, Ms. Avalos understands the importance of higher education planning using impeccable detail, organization and communication skills. Her journalism background naturally combines her research skills with her trusted network of resources and colleagues in higher education, providing you with a thorough review of college portfolios as unique as your educational goals.

Deciding which school to attend has become more of a family-oriented discussion than in years past, as is the conversation on how to pay for college. Ms. Avalos remembers the overwhelming feeling during her high school senior year; at that time, high schools only discussed college in terms of application deadlines and placement exams . What is a FAFSA and why do parents need to become involved in college loans when they’re not the student?

Smart à la Carte turns these questions into well-informed answers, providing you with the means to make the best possible and personal decisions regarding your educational future. Whether you are in junior high, high school, or considering a return to your educational endeavors, Smart à la Carte is your preparation advocate. Because everyone has the right to earn a higher education.

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